Sam Willoughby

About Sam

What got you into BMX?
I received a letter In the school bulletin when I was 6 and my brother and I went to a come and try race at Happy Valley BMX in Adelaide.

How has racing changed from then to now?
Racing has pretty much been flipped upside down and re invented since then. We are now racing off 8 meter hight start ramps, the track are longer the gates are dropping faster with air rams and the skill level is on a whole new level.

What’s the best place BMX has taken you?
To America that was always my dream to race and live in the US AND HERE I AM!

What is your favorite track and why?
I really enjoyed racing the London replica track in Chula Vista, cause their are big gaps and the track changes direction a lot but their is still room to pass.

Favorite Athletes (in BMX or any sport):
I was loved watching Kyle Bennett in BMX outside of BMX I like Chad Reed and Jimmie Johnson (big Motorsports fan)

What are your hobbies outside of BMX?
Watching Motorsports.

Anything Else?
Thanks to my family and friends who have got me to where I am and my coach Sean Dwight.