Jason Carnes

About Jason

What got you into BMX?
I was little 14yo freestyle kid when my neighbor took me along to Cowtown BMX in Ft Worth, TX. I was so pumped, I got rid of the trick-rider gear and started racing soon after. That was way back in ’86 and my first race was at Casino Beach BMX (RIP). I crushed the 14-novice class, by the way, and I knew that all of the big sponsors in the stands were taking notes! 🙂

How has racing changed from then to now?
It has all changed: from the track/bikes/gear designs and materials to the way we train, get out of the gate, and even how we take the jumps. I think the craziest thing is the age at which kids develop ridiculous riding skills these days. There are teenagers today who could probably ride circles around the top pros from my early years.

What’s the best place BMX has taken you?
Wow…let me see. I have been fortunate enough to visit 46 US states and twenty-five countries so far, and I owe most of them to my little BMX! If you force me to choose, I would say it’s a toss-up between Brazil, Colombia, or South Africa…or maybe it’s New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, or France. Hmmmm…but then again, some crazy stuff went down in Canada, Belgium, Argentina, Japan, and Mexico too! Never mind, it’s too tough to pick just one place! They each have a special place in my heart and have made me the dashing, worldly man you see before you!

What is your favorite track and why?
My favorite track of all-time is from the X-Games 2004, at Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA. It was the funnest and one of the scariest tracks I have ever ridden. Talk about “puckered-up!” I was hangin’ on tight booting the 50 footer into turn 5!! My favorite USABMX track is probably Okeeheelee BMX in West Palm Beach, Fl. It’s smooth as glass with a great mix of everything. The infield is groomed as well with green grass and palm trees, plus they are the first track in the US to have a Bensink starting gate (you might have to Google that).

Favorite Athletes (in BMX or any sport):
I admire so many riders in BMX, I won’t try to name them. Outside of BMX, I like Urijah Faber in the UFC, and Dez Bryant from America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys!

What are your hobbies outside of BMX?
Mountain biking, sun-baking, swimming at the springs when I’m home in Austin, dancing the night away, shopping, and bicep curls.

Anything Else?
Big “THANKS” goes out to: Mom for the struggle and sacrifices to keep two maniac boys fed and clothed, Chad Hughes for the first ride out to Cowtown in ’86, all of my Texas buddies on the Texas Chain Gang and Sweathogs teams (especially team parents Sweet Honey Fairis and Larry Smith (RIP) for letting us all pile in the suburban), the ‘Cowboy’ Todd Slavik for being my BMX hero growing up, all of my sponsors along the way (esp the first one that came with a paycheck…Poorboy Clothing), my teammates and friends that I love like family, KB88 for the continued inspiration, and last but not least…THANK YOU to Redline for the opportunity of a lifetime that is still going strong!