Hunter Pelham

What got you into BMX?
I saw Armadillo Downs on the side of the freeway and told my parents I wanted to try it out. Next week I had my first Redline John Purse signature bike.
How has racing changed from then to now?
Id say racing is a lot more serious and intense. Training and racing is always getting harder, there’s always new competitors coming up, and the sport is progressing dramatically.
What’s the best place BMX has taken you?
Id say the best place BMX has taken me, would have to be The World Championships in Auckland New Zealand. It was by far the best experience of my life getting to represent the USA in a different country.
What is your favorite track and why?
My favorite track would have to be Derby City BMX in Louisville, KY. I love that track because its wide open with a big Pro set.
Favorite Athletes (in BMX or any sport):
My favorite athletes are: Kyle Bennett, Sam Willoughby, and Ray lewis.
What are your hobbies outside of BMX?
When Im not racing or training, I love to get out to the country and Hunt me some Whitetail.

“Make sure when your time comes you are remembered.”