George Goodall

My name is George Goodall. I’m an old school BMXer from back in the day. I’m married with 2 kids, Mikal,17 and Madison,15 and a step-daughter, Celeste,21. I’m an auto insurance claims adjuster since the late 80’s and recently a USABMX certified BMX coach.

What got you into BMX?
I was jumping an old beater bike at the dirt pile behind the Boys & Girls club in Boulder, Colorado. A neighborhood friend, Jack Sorrells, invited me to a BMX race March of 1979 and I was hooked. I got last place that race at Adams County Fairgrounds indoor track but a few weeks later I won at the outdoor track

How has racing changed from then to now?
Racing as changed in so many aspects. From rubberband and 6 inch wood starting gates to the super hi tech gates we have now. I’m sure all the old guys that use to hold the pipe, u-bolted to the plank of wood are thankful for what we have now. It’s funny that are warm up / cool down
seat posts is where we had our seat post normally back in the day. Tracks now have more jumps in a straightaway then the whole layout of our old school tracks had. Rider progression is insane !!! I know a handful of local racers 9-13 years old that have track skills that marvel the the older racers at the track. Though there are many more changes like clip shoes, bike materials, etc, but the coolest thing that has changed is that the little kid riding his bike over some dirt pile in Boulder was introduced and has grown in the sport that has taken him all over the US, Canada, New Zealand and even Australia still just riding a BMX bike over some dirt jumps.

What’s the best place BMX has taken you?
The 2009 Worlds in Australia. Unique experience racing names you haven’t seen and sometimes couldn’t pronounce.

What is your favorite track and why?
Chandler BMX !! It’s my local and I’m still trying to learn to flow like the 11x rockstars we have there!! Most of the tracks in AZ are lots of fun to ride but Chandler is really a challenge with super fast locals, cheerful staff and an awesome parent base.

Favorite Athletes (in BMX or any sport):
In BMX there are so many favs for different reasons. Of course, all my HFS teammates on Redline, but also racers like Corben, Nic Long, Conner Fields, Mariana Pajon, Brandon Elmore, Robby and Danny Patterson. Inspiration comes from guys like Stu, Richie Anderson, Bubba Harris, Belt
Buckle Nilson, Sean Speed and the great nor cal legend, Cecil Johns (RIP) In other sports….Serena Williams, Shaun White, Peyton Manning, Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant are my favs.

What are your hobbies outside of BMX?
Mountain biking, flag football, go-carting, customizing cars and interior decorating.

Anything Else?
I would like to thank Redline Bicycles, Jason Carnes and all my Redline teammates for 9 years and counting of fun and support. My mom and grandparents for always giving me props for a job well done and reminding me to give someone else a chance to win. My beautiful wife, Michele for never holding me back but always motivating me with words of encouragement….. pedal, pedal, pedal !!! My kids for listening to me tell them about each moto after a national and of course to all the people young and old, past and present that still cheer and support me.