Alise Post

About Alise

What got you into BMX?
When I was 6, one of my older brothers got started with it and noticed other little girls racing and pushed my parents to bring me out to the track and give it a try. I was always trying to keep up with my older brothers and this was something we could enjoy together before I got too girly on them 😉 I actually “chickened out” my first race though, and my parents almost pulled my membership to get their money back. Thank goodness they let me give it one more try the next week though, because after I got that first spill out of the way, it was game on!

How has racing changed from then to now?
It’s practically a different sport! We’re still racing with 8 adrenaline junkies on a (kind of) dirt track with jumps and turns, but the level of the sport and competition has skyrocketed. The progress in skill level since the addition of the 3 story start ramp when BMX joined the Olympics in 2008 is very evident, especially on the women’s side. BMX is now globally competitive, and it’s been awesome to be a part of this major growth in the sport…I can’t even imagine what the next generation will be doing if this rate of progress continues.

What’s the best place BMX has taken you?
It’s really hard to pick one place, because traveling anywhere new is always exciting. However I must say that my trip down to New Zealand was one I will never forget. I got to check off a lot of bucket-list experiences down there!

What is your favorite track and why?
I like wide open tracks with big jumps, and I am pretty spoiled getting to ride in Chula Vista on some of the best tracks for that pretty regularly. The two SX tracks in Chula are both world class, and Future BMX is one of the best on the USABMX circuit. I am also partial to Pineview Park BMX back home in St. Cloud – always one of the best kept tracks on the USABMX circuit, and home is always home. 🙂

Favorite Athletes (in BMX or any sport):
In BMX I always looked up to Kim Hayashi because she was the small girl jumping everything like a boy. Outside of BMX, I like to watch the other AP, Adrian Peterson, handle business on the football field. I also have the utmost respect for what all of the elite gymnasts do, and I really enjoy watching them.

What are your hobbies outside of BMX?
School, watching sports, crafting stuff, and just spending time with my friends and family.

Anything Else?
“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Thank you to my parents for being the best support crew in the world since day 1, my friends and family, sponsors, and Coach Sean Dwight. Also, please be on the lookout for updates on my annual charity event and get involved with “The Alise Post MS Race for a Cure”.