by New Zealand’s TM, Tony Woodcock

Well, yesterday was Race day for our Bmxers and Trent Woodcock & Sarah Kate McDonald, both ono their Redline bikes, joined the 32 males & females in the first ever Junior Olympic games. First up, each would do a time trial lap to seed each athletes into their four respective motos.
Just as the TT Racing was to start, a heavy tropical rain shower swept across the venue, which was sure to throw caution in the tar sealed (asphault) berms.
Up first were the girls,each racing the clock to the finish line with the fastest time posted by the Brazilian rider with a time of 42 seconds,Sarah-Kate placing her self in 12th spot.
The guys all rolled up for there time trial with 10 of the fastest juniors from last months Bmx Worlds all lining up.
Trent was to line up run 27 of the 32 guys,posting the 5ths fastest time,.9 of a second of the Dutch Rider in first place.
Turn around moto times were to be quick with only 8 moto’s to run each round a short 10min break was all the guys got before stepping up again for there moto’s.

Mountain biker Sarah-Kate was finding the BMX side of the event a challenging task, being up against seasoned BMX racers from around the globe. In her motos she was placing 3rd, then as the three semi’s (which are run as Olympic format – 3 times, instead of one as its commonly done around Bmx tracks), Sarah-Kate was pushed to 6th spot ending her run of continuing into the final eight, come main time..

Trent’s race moto’s had four fast boys from Worlds,with his main competition coming from the Colombian World Junior finalists,close racing between the two in each of the three heats with Trent posting 3 x 2nd place finishes.
With another shower of rain coming across the event and the covers once again going over the race track,caution was once again to be thrown onto the asphalt corners.
Once Semi racing resumed it was all happening on the slippery corners.
Trents first semi run ending in a 3rd place finish,which would have been good enough to make a main normally,but two more runs were ahead.
Going into turn one on his second semi,Trent wash’s out,then 5 others pile into him making it a scramble up of the ground to make it to the finish line for those valuable points,with a placing of 7th,Trent now needed to place in the top 2 spots to secure a spot in the Final.
In the next moto of the second group of semi racers,the same was to happen,riders started washing out on the slippery tar seal corners,with the power & speed the guys are pulling,the race track was a wee bit tame & small for those that are used to the bigger faster rolling race tracks.
Trents final semi was to be do or die,a top two spot was required,after a slow start he started to pull in the lead 3 riders into the second corner,making a move in the air that would have put him into 2nd,it suddenly went horribly wrong,which ended up with Trent out on the Tar seal with his bikes bar’s pressed 10” into the tar seal,and Trent on his way to hospital with major groin injuries.

As we all know in Bmx, it’s all laid on the line, and this time was no different.


Trent Woodcock is disappointed he wasn’t in the JrOlympics main event, but i do know he’s certainly enjoyed every minute of this experience and certainly made his presence felt on the race track – showing all that this Kiwi was no easy push over.
If Trents in a condition to compete in the all in Road race final in 3 days time, this will certainly be a race to watch, with a climax of 32 Roadies,32 Mountain bikers and 32 crazy Bmxer’s all grouped together in the mix. It’s gonna be one race you won’t wanna miss.
A special thanks to you Robyn, for your awesome support & our crazy ordeal on the way to hospital.
Hopefully there’s better results to come.
Tony T