So last night after my ride and recovery, I headed to my good ole Tech Gymnastics gym and helped coach for the high school practice. They were short a few coaches, I am good buddies with everybody and I miss the coaches, so it was a good little catch up session before I had to head off to Reno and miss their big meet Thursday! I couldn’t believe how hard it was to sit in that gym and help other people without being able to swing a set on the bars, or do a flip on the floor…it was so weird. So of course when I had to “explain” something, I demonstrated it as well =] haha it was a good time, I just wish I would have been in a leo practicing as well. It’s really true that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it gone.

I went over to one of my friends from home after that and gave her her Australia goodies, said good night (the little bugger had school in the morning haha) and then I was back home to get an early night in before a big day of training today. I even woke up at a reasonable time.. 8:30?? that’s pretty good for me. I hateee mornings usually, but I am trying this new thing called a "sleep schedule"..I’ll let ya know how it works it after my training today =]