Well another World cup season is done and over with.  Had a great year and had many good races.  Ended off the season 5th in the world cup ranking, stoked.  Especially with it being my first year in elite.  Chula Vista was a great way to end it with great weather and the best track in the world.  Got my second TT podium of the year (2nd place) and ended up with 8th place ranking for the event.

I have some time off now this month to recharge from this season, Body is not 100% right now.  I’ll get that hunger back for 2012!  Will be staying with my good buddy and teammate Mr. Willoughby for the month of November in preparation for the ABA grands in Tulsa, OK.  We’ll have a good time together training hard everyday.  I think we’ll even have time for some Chipotle sessions, YEAH!  Wonder how he will put up with my hype in the mornings, shall be interesting!  

The HFS has had a good year so far, on the world cup circuit and especially the ABA series.  Hopefully we can put the icing on the cake at the end of November with Sam up for the title again!


TN 49