The first UCI world cup of the season is over and it was a great weekend!


Got into Madrid tuesday, was pretty jetlagged so just went back to the hotel grabbed an hours nap then went out for dinner with my parents and the rest of the CAN national team.  Wednesday did some sprints in a local park, kinda sketchy sprinting down a narrow path with old people just hanging out and walking haha.  Friday was practice, everyone was anxious including myself to see what the jump on jump off down the second straight would be like, watched the first group and had some laughs at the crashes.  Went out for my practice and made it through the track with only a couple crashes on the second straight box, (which im sure made me look like an idiot).


Saturday morning i had my time trial, A bit of a sketchy lap with a few mistakes but still managed to qualify 21st which gave me decent lane pick for the first round.  I qualified out of mottos with a 6-3-3, mottos were nuts and i was glad to get out of there.  In the quarter had a bad start, and just hung back, saw an opening and past some guys down the second straight and ended up with a solid 2nd.  I was super pumped to be in the semi and have a shot at making the final.  Semi.  Bad start again but came out of the turn in 5th, got cut off and ended up 5th at the line.  I was dissapointed not to make the final, but I’m happy with how the first world cup went and I hope to get in a final this year!

Congrats to my team mates Sam and Ivo for 1st and 3rd and my bro Connor for getting 2nd.


Next race is the euro round in France this weekend,