Wintertime always bums me out!  Although it’s generally mild in the ATX (that’s Austin, TX ya’ll) we still get a few cold spells and a good amount of rain.  So, while the RL Dutchies are complaining about traveling to the south of France for training, I am hanging out inside on the trainer, dripping sweat on the floor.  BORING!  I guess it could be worse…I could be in Minnesota with Alise and Sam!  The last time I checked the weather there, the low temp was -12 degrees (that’s fahrenheit, Dutchies)!  On the bright side, it got up to a toasty 3 degrees that afternoon!  Sorry Sam and Alise!  If you’re not an eskimo, why would you live there?

Moving right along…I’m heading out today for the ABA race in Guthrie, OK.  It should be a great weekend!  The venue is one of the few indoor facilities large enough to have a pro section and the ABA usually gets pretty creative with the track.  It’s a nice change of pace when both wheels actually leave the ground during a race … we don’t get that too often anymore! 

The weather is supposed to be nice which is good for the outdoor warm-ups.  The come-back trail is long so wish me luck! 

Hopefully it will go better than the pic below.  It was taken in Roseville, CA last summer and if you look closely, you can see me wrapped around the pole on the infield while my brand new bike takes a nasty tumble as well.  It’s a good pic from Dan Mooney but it wasn’t a good day.  Cheers, yo!