So the results are already up, and you probably have already heard all about the ABA race in Lancaster, CA that went down this past weekend …but I’m going to fill you in on it from my perspective.

It was my first road trip without mommy and daddy to a race. Weird. I headed up towards the LA area Friday morning, with a stop at the Oakley factory along the way. That place is pretty cool and I will definitely be hoping to spend some time there on the pump track, in the gym, or just hanging out. Anyways, it was about an hour and a half to Oakley and about 2 hours from Oakley to Lancaster. I got into my hotel and everything just fine with no problems.

( See mom? I’m a big girl now =] )

Went to practice that night, felt terrible and only got about 5 laps in. But when Saturday rolled around, something had lit my fire. After much discussion on how many finals we were going to run and between noises interferring with people’s gate starts (an air compressor noise went off just before the gate dropped and it messed some riders up in our first main), my adrenaline must have been at an all time high as I made it around the track in the front of the pack three times on the extremely long track. I was having strong starts again and it was great to feel in control of the race again; a place where I haven’t been sitting too often in the ABA this year.

Anyways, the success continued on into Sunday as well, even after feeling pretty slow in motos. When the main event rolled around I got a good start and ran with it the rest of the race for another win. (We only ran one main on day two – thank gosh, because my legs were done-for on that long track in that scorching heat!).

After the weekend I also took a trip into Wrightwood, CA (a little mountain town out of LA) to visit Kris Fox’s “cabin”. It was a good night with a little group of people up to check out his place/do sweet stunts on his little half pipe (that, mind you, drops in off his deck – haha). Typical biker. Oh, and also note that there was an intense game of "chubby bunny" played (where you see who can fit the most marshmallows in your mouth and still say "chubby bunny".) And then the boys rode the ramp in their underwear …not sure why, but they did.

The next day was set aside for homework, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I HATE HOMEWORK!! It stinks sitting there doing homework while everyone else is riding their bikes or doing something fun. It really is hard sometimes to focus.

So, I have been back in SD for a few days now. It’s Parent Weekend this weekend at school but my parents will not be attending, since I will see them next weekend at ABA’s Disney Cup race. So I don’t know how I am going to occupy my time while everyone else is having family time. Maybe I can catch up on more homework???

We’ll have to see about that one. Haha

Catch you later.