Race Report European round 5&6 in Weiterstadt:

Last week and the following 2 weeks are planed for heavy training sessions, cause it’s all about the World Championships in less than 2 months. It’s possible that I and the rest of the Dutch National Redline Team are feeling tired at the upcoming races, but luckily that wasn’t so last weekend…

Thursday night we travelled 4 hours to Weiterstadt “Germany” for European round 5&6. I know how the track and accommodation looked like, because we raced there two years ago. Nothing much had changed, so next day during the first practice, I felt good on the track right away. I hadn’t had so much fun riding my bike in a long while.

Saturday= European round 5:

A lot of spectators came down to the BMX track in Weiterstadt and we had perfect weather conditions with 25 degrees (that’s celcius). For those who don’t know, that is actually a little too hot when you’re used to 10 degrees, but I didn’t complain at all. Racing started off well, but because of the heat every lap took up a lot of energy.

But I made it to the main event – alongwith four other Redline Global riders, and I was able to take the holeshot. No mistakes from there, so I rode myself to a third European victory so far this year.


Sunday= European round 6:

Another day with hot weather conditions. I wasn’t a 100% recovered from Round 5, but still felt pretty good on my bike and that gave me a lot of confidence. After winning all my races whole day long, I made it to de main event without any problems. During the final I didn’t had a perfect start, but it was good enough to be the fastest guy into the first turn… No problems from there, cause I rode a smooth lap.

This was my 4th win out of four European races I’ve been to, so I’m pretty pumped about that!

Right now I’m standing No.3 in the European ranking, because I did not race Rounds 3&4 in Italy. Every rider can skip two bad races, so with that in mind, then I should be ranked No.1once I get in my 6 scores.

Coming up this weekend is the Dutch Championships in Kampen. I’m looking forward to race there and I will let you know the results.

Met vriendelijke groet,


Saturday 22nd of May:


 1. Raymon Van der Biezen REDLINE (NED),  

 2. Arturs Matisons (LAT),  
 3. Joris Daudet REDLINE (FRA),  
 4. Thomas Hamon (FRA),  
 5. Yvan Lapraz (SUI),  
 6. Damien Godet REDLINE (FRA),  
 7. Sander Bisseling REDLINE (NED),  
 8. Jelle Van Gorkom REDLINE (NED)
Sunday 23rd of May:

 1. Raymon Van der Biezen REDLINE (NED),   

 2. Joris Daudet REDLINE (FRA),   
 3. Thomas Hamon (FRA),  
 4. Moana Moo Caille (FRA),   
 5. Edzus Treimanis (LAT),  
 6. Andre Fossa Aguiluz REDLINE (NOR),   
 7. Yvan Lapraz (SUI),  
 8. Matthieu Despeaux REDLINE (FRA)