Last year, Garrett Reynolds won Rye Airfield’s Wicked Jam and Brandon Dosch came in second. This year, Garrett couldn’t hold Brandon back and he edged out Garrett for the win. Here is a rundown of the results:

Park Results

1. Brandon Dosch

2. Garrett Reynolds

3. Jeremiah Smith

4. Nicholi Rogatkin

5. Brett ‘Maddog" Banasiewicz

6. Brian Hunt

7. Marcus Tooker & Ronnie Napolitan (Tie)

8. Seth Klinger

9. Zane Bradley

10.Chris Childs

11.Zak Early

Street Results

1. Jeremiah Smith

2. Ian Bresnahan

3. Craig Passero

4. Chris Childs

5. Dan Foley

VitalBMX should have the video up pretty soon.