Top photo: Joey Bradford’s FINGERnail painting…quite the artist.

middle photo: Donny Robinson’s look of the OTC week…minus the mustache he had at the start of the week.

bottom photo: me and Joey looking real sophistocated in the otc cafe.

So the past few weeks have been ridiculously busy. When I got home from Australia, I had a few days to get packed for college and my trip to the OTC and South Africa. I did eventually get all that packed in bins ready to go for when I drive out to California the day after I get home from South Africa.


But before that happens…I’ll fill you in on the great trip to the Chula Vista Training Center. I got out there Monday August 10 and stayed there until the 16th when we left for South Africa SX World Cup. I felt good out at the center. They put a new HUGE first jump in and the girls were a little scared at the start. It’s around 40ft rumor has it, but no big deal because the gals were getting it =] It’s been a good week not only with riding but just relaxing. Brooke and Taylor have joined me and Arielle on the SX Team and it’s been a blast. I think we could see some good results from the 4 of us this weekend in South Africa. We really push eachother to try things and are positive about everything. I like it a lot. haha and on a side note…the week was just with a fun group of ppl in general because peole like Donny, and Barry make basketball awesome. Donny had a stache all week while Barry dressed up with a combover as a ref for our bball game. haha just times like that make the center a little bit more entertaining.


Besides the actual OTC though…I accomplished some other things during the week. (I will add pics when I get back from South Africa..internet takes to long here) I got to look at my ACTUAL dorm room at the college I will be going to in a few weeks, and pick out some bedding and what not from the IKEA store. Pretty exciting =] . I also got my Shimano clip shoes ccustom fitted (definitely recommend it..the shoes feel awesome!!) and just had a good productive week.


That’s it for the OTC…I will update you on our trip over next time.