Couldn’t make it to Australia?! Well … no worries, mate. Check out all of the hot semi and main event action on the Redline-sponsored site:

Don’t wanna miss races: 14 Boys main – Dakota Senger holeshots but bails in turn one after a lil’ bump ‘n run with a Dutch rider * See Redline’s amazing German gal, Kerstein Fritscher, whup up on both 17 & Over Women and 35-39 Womens Cruiser * Check out Alise Post and Merle vanBretham in Jr Elite Womens main. * Cringe in the Jr Elite semi, when Denzel fumbles in the rhythm section and loses his ticket to the finale. * Keep an eye on Canada’s Tory Nyhaug in the Jr Elite main – cruisin’ in for a 4th place finish. * And more!