Today was the big day! WA State Champs. We got up really early (5am) to get the trailer packed up for the weekend. Everything was frozen, and it was really cold but with clear skies. We got to Pacfic Raceways in Kent at around 8am and it was freezin’ COLD.

I got out and did a practice lap and right away I knew that this was going to be a fast course, lots of pavement and flat grass sections. There were 3 challenging uphill sections. I was able to ride the first on once in the pratice lap but decided in the race to run it because I felt it was less energy used. The other uphill sections were ridable with a little extra effort.

I raced at 11am, unfortuntaly the turn out for the 1/2 women was pretty poor. Not sure why the State Champ race is always the smallest turnout. It is a bit frustrating, I really would like to see the States be the biggest turnout of all the races. Every category today was about half the normal size.

It was Ann Knapp, Jadine Rolcik and myself on the line for the 1/2 women. So we were all happy knowing we were all on the podium, even before the race began.

The gun went off and I decided to try to give it everything I had on the start so that I could get a gap going into the first technical section. I was successful, and got a small gap on Ann so I kept up the effort. I hit the first run up, and my legs felt so cold. I didn’t put enough leg balm on and my skin was stinging. I should have worn knee warms or more leg balm. Lession learned.

I felt good though, so I am happy to be back and feeling strong again. After a couple laps I decided to back it down a little to conserve some energy for tomorrow’s MFG race. I settled in and and held my lead to finish in 1st with Ann in 2nd and Jadine in 3rd (who raced 3 races today, crazy women).

My son Holden raced today also and won his category so we both are State Champs. He was so excited to get to stand on top of the podium.

My husband Chad was in a group of 5 or 6 Cat 1/2 Master men, he rode a great race and finished in a strong 5th place. 3 podium finished for the Berg family!! So awesome!!

What a great day, I will write in the update for tomorrow’s race when it is over. The series title is on the line so tomorrow is an important day.