Team USA Cycling has arrived to Frejus, France for the final World Cup in the SX series for 2009. We flew in today in two separate groups, one on United (we got some sweet double miles) and the other on Delta.  They had to wait for us for 21/2 hours at the airport but eventually our group made it and we all hopped in the van for a 45 minute drive to frejus from Nice, France. 


We did a few things today: checked out the track, there was definitely some new ideas going on with the track so we’ll have to see how those play out; also thought we were gonna get to go to Monaco today for a little trip since it’s only like 45 minutes…but that didn’t happen; and it was also nic’s bday so we got a little ice cream.


The jet lag is setting in though so I am gonna have to make this a short update and fill you in more later.

keep posted,