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MICRO MINI – 18-inch singlespeed

The Micro Mini is a full-on BMX racing bike, but my son just used it for riding around the neighborhood. It’s fantastic on pavement, and definitely rideable on hardpack.

Cheap the Micro Mini is not. Retail is $459. However, you can certainly recoup a good chunk of your investment by selling it to another parent when junior outgrows it. After a year of use, I sold the Micro Mini to our magazine copy editor Tom, whose son raced it in BMX (and put on the new bars seen here in the pictures). Then Tom sold it to our photo editor Brad, whose son rode it for some time. It was then passed on to … well, you get the idea.

The primary drawback to the Micro Mini is the funky wheel size. Redline gets the 18-inch wheel from the wheelchair industry, which makes tube and tire selection quite challenging. The stock 18×1 tires are super skinny; they’re great for the road but Brad’s son found them too slippery for the gravel roads around his house. Our friend Henry at Schwalbe pointed us to his company’s Marathon Racer, which comes in an 18×1.5 size with a bit more grip.

The BMX bike is a lightning quick ride for kids 4 to 6.

The handbrake features reach adjust, a small but critical piece of the ideal kids’ bike puzzle.