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CONQUEST 20 — 20-inch 14-speed

The Conquest 20 is the world’s tiniest cyclocross bike, and it works great as an all-around kid’s bike. The 20-pound rig has 14 speeds courtesy SRAM’s MRX — not that kids this age shift much — with controls that are appropriate for small hands. Kids almost instinctively get the twist shifters, and the brakes can be dialed in to just the right distance from the handlebar.

Compared to the drop bar on the 24-inch model, the flat bar gives little riders more leverage for steering and keeps all the controls right there under their fingers at all times.

Retail is suggested at $389.

It should be noted that a number of companies make good 20-inch mountain bikes. For two years my son had a Trek MT 60 with cranks drilled in two spots so the bike could “grow” with him. Any good family bike shop should have similar options in the $300 range. The suspension fork adds some cushioning and a little weight; the Trek weighs 24.5 pounds.

The Conquest 24 brings Redline’s ‘cross heritage to the wee folks.

Redline recommends the Conquest 20 for kids six to ten.