We drove to Vegas from Phoenix yesterday and got in somewhat late but decided to walk the strip anyways. it was a good time but ended up being quite a late night…oh well though, it’s vegas right?? lol. The cool news though, is that I got to go to TJ Lavin’s house today. Nate Berkheimer used to be on my racing team when I was a little girl and is still a good friend today. He is now more into the dirt jumping side of things than racing which is actually why I got to check out TJ’s place. We went over there for a little while and watched them SHRED. The jumps and lines were just crazy. The drop in was just like a 13 ft drop from wood to a cement landing! It was crazy but really cool. Anyways, that and shopping were of course the highlight of my day. We have practice tomorrow now and i will update ya on the NBL races this weekend!!