USGP Stanley Cup Day 2 – Portland, OR

I knew this race was going to be hard and epic.  It always is.   Having skipped Saturday for one more day of recovery from my Jingle Cross sinus infection , this was now going to be my first "couch-to-racing" experience.   My bigger objective was to open up the lungs and legs for the National Championships in 4 days.  I definately accomplished that. 

After the first quarter lap, I was just glad to be upright.  Although I had a third row start position, I managed to work into the top 15 by the 3rd turn.  As I was about to move into top 10, the girl infront of me when straight into a course stake and did spectacular bike kartwheel.   I barely missed her and geared down for the next corner into thick mud, only to narrowly miss what seemed like the rest of the field piling up from the sudden halt of momentum in the unforgiving mud.   Thankfully, I had made the top 15 cut at that point.  Better yet, I was just thankful to be upright and racing.   The rest of the race was spent in the deepest pain cave I’ve ever experienced racing.  I had to dig deep and fight tooth-and-nail the whole race for a top 20 spot while I prayed my lungs and legs would somehow reunite, preferably before the end of the race.  

Can’t say I really recommend "couch-to-racing" as a fun way to spend a Sunday…