The USABMX National Series rolled into Desoto, TX this weekend and the beautifully groomed Metroplex BMX provided some exciting, fast-paced action. The weather could not have been nicer and the covered facility provided plenty of shade for the racers and fans. Here’s a quick wrap-up of team Redline’s performance:


After winning day two in Phoenix last month, as well as last weekend’s USABMX North American SX series debut in South Carolina, points leader Sam Willoughby did not have the type of weekend he is accustomed to. A bad start in the semi kept him out of the final on day one. Things got back on track Saturday with Sam winning motos and transferring into the final. In the main, he had a good race to the first turn with Friday’s winner, Joris Daudet, but wound up stuck high in the first turn. With riders coming in low and pinballing off of each other, Sam took a good hit and had nowhere to go but over the turn. Luckily, it wasn’t a bad fall and he and his bike survived unscathed. Chalk him up for a 7th place finish.


Hunter Pelham has emerged as one of the hottest new pros on the circuit, and he delivered another great performance this weekend. Saturday, Hunter went undefeated, winning every lap from moto 1 through the final. Sunday looked to be a repeat as he once again won every moto as well as the semi. In the final, a bump on the first straight-away with eventual race winner, Kenneth Gustafson, pushed him back in the pack and left him with a hard fought 5th place finish. It wasn’t the finish he wanted, of course, but his performance showed lots of promise for great things to come!


After a short layoff due to a shoulder injury, Team Manager and official Team Redline barista Jason Carnes dusted off the bikes and got back on the track to do battle in 41-45 Expert and 41-45 Cruiser. It was a great weekend for the TM, as he went on to win all four finals in convincing fashion.


We would like to thank USABMX and Metroplex BMX for another great weekend of racing! Next up, Sam and Collin Hudson will join Alise Post in Manchester, England for round 1 of the UCI SX World Cup Series (April 18-19), while the rest of the crew will be prepping for the USABMX Seaside Nationals in Ventura, CA (May 1-3). Also, be on the lookout for the Redline rig as it hits the open road for the first leg of Redline Flight Schools! It’s going to be a great year!