The first two rounds of the UK National BMX 2011 summer series took place at Peterborough

And with a fresh team for 2011 the UK redline team were ready for battle, National No.1 rider for 2010 and new to the team Emily Hutt continued her domination of the 7 to 8yr girls and lead every race from start to finish and claiming her first national win of the year. Travis wilson and Kyle Hill both in the 8yr boys class this year with Travis making the A-final and coming 5th but Kyle going out in the 1/4 finals, next time! . 2011 is Valerie’s year and right from the start Valerie left the competition behind her and continued to her fist national win of the year in the 13-14yr female class. New rider Andy Clucas was looking full factory this weekend and in a hard 17-24yr male class the best place to be was in front and Andy didn’t disappoint by taking the win for Redline. Old timer Alan Hill and last years double champion in Masters and 35-39yr cruiser was looking fast in Masters and needed to be in this class, Dale Holmes took the win with Alan fast behind in 2nd. Cruiser was business as usual for Alan and took his first national win.

Other results

Abi Hill  3rd in 30+ Ladies cruiser

Ayesha McLelland  4th in Championship Women

That was Day 1

Day 2 started out pretty much the same as day 1

Emily Hutt started the day by crashing in her moto but this didn’t stop Emily from winning every other race and winning round 2. Andy Clucas again was on fire and no one stood in his way to claiming his 2nd win of the weekend. Other wins of the day came from Valerie and Alan in cruiser. With four wins each day Redline team is 2nd place in the National team ranking.

Other results

Travis Wilson 7th

Kyle Hill out in quarter

Ayesha McLelland 4th

Abi Hill 3rd

The Redline UK Team would like to send thanks to their sponsors

THE Industries, Troy Lee, Tacx, Airace, Tioga, Shimano

Next race: Round 3 & 4 @ Dagenham 21-22 May

Pictured: Emily Hutt

 Emily Hutt

Pictured: Andy Clucas

Andy Clucas