The UK Redline Team hit Manchester over the weekend for rounds 7 & 8 of the British BMX Series and came home with some good victories.

Day 1

Saturday and the track was looking smooth but very dusty, racing was very fast and saw all the team get though to the A-finals. Valerie Zebrokova came home with the first win and also her first national win of the season, Jacob Roberts continued his domination of the 16yr class and came 1st despite crashing hard in his first moto. Mr Consistant Alan Hill took another win in Masters in one of the hardest classes but had trouble in the cruiser class and managed 8th.

Results from the rest of the team on day 1 were

Travis wilson 4th in 7yr class

Lochlan Dudley 6th in 9yr class

Ayesha McLelland 2nd in Championship Women

Tom Palmer 5th in Elite Men

Abi Hill 3rd in 25+ cruiser

Day 2

 Sunday was looking very overcast and rainy and to make things even harder it was very windy making the first straight hard with a head wind.

Alan Hill took another win but this time in 35-39yr cruiser and took a 3rd in Masters having got blocked in on the first straight. Jacob Roberts took the second win of the day and yesterday’s winner Valerie came a good 2nd. Travis wilson had a better day and no wind was going to stop him getting 3rd place.

Results from the rest of the team on day 2 were

Lochlan Dudley 1st B-final

Tom Palmer DNF

Ayesha McLelland 6th

Pictured Valerie Zebrokova

Pictured Alan Hill