The final two rounds of the National BMX 2010 summer series took place at Bournemouth BMX Club over the Bank holiday weekend.

The Redline UK Team knew these two rounds were going to be the hardest rounds with Redline going into day 1 lying 3rd place in the team rankings. Starting off with the cruisers and Alan Hill knew he had to win the final to secure the National No.1 title, gate drops and Alan was untouchable by the time he had got into the first corner winning the 35-39yr cruiser class. Abi Hill came 3rd in the 25+ Ladies cruiser class. Redline’s smallest rider Travis Wilson took 3rd place in a close fought battle in the 7yr class. Valerie Zebrokova came 3rd place in the 13-14yr class and Ayesha McLelland coming 8th in Championship Women. Back up again was Alan Hill this time in Masters and carnage was order of the day with Alan being taken off the track on the last start and managing to still get a tight 2nd place and winning the National No.1 title for 2010

Other results

Lochlan Dudley 2nd B-Main

That was end of Day 1 thew!!!!!

Day 2 started with a cloudy and windy start and today was the day where titles could be won or lost.

Welcome to the last round of the 12 round summer series of 2010. Alan Hill had already won both No.1 title’s so today was just to get extra points for the team, Alan scored another 1st place in cruiser but not so lucky in Masters with such tight racing and no where to pass 7th place was as good as it got. Valerie Zebrokova manage to improve on Saturdays result and took a 2nd in some very close racing and came away with the No.3 ranking for 2010. Championship Women rider Ayesha McLelland took 4th place in the final and in a very hard class and came away with a No. 3 ranking in her first year as a Championship Women rider.

Other results

Travis Wilson 4th

Lochlan Dudley 4th

Abi Hill 4th

The Redline UK Team finished 4th in the 2010 National Summer Series and team manger Jai Kemp would like to send Thanks to the riders and parents for all the support and hard work.

Congratulations also goes out to Redline riders Alan Hill and Jacob Roberts for winning National No.1 titles.

Next race: British Championships 2010 @ Cheddar 17th – 19th September

Pictured: Alan Hill

Pictured: Travis Wilson