JR.WOMEN: Wanna watch Redline~Dutch rider MERLE vanBENTHAM and Redline~Australia’s MELINDA McLEOD score the win and a 3rd at the UCi Worlds?

JR.MEN: Another Worlds Main – and another bronze medal for a Redline Global rider. This time, it’s Redline~Dutch National team member TWAN vanGENDT blazing past the smokin’ carnage of Connor Fields to nab the 3rd spot.

ELITE WOMEN: Redline-USA’s very own ALISE POST makin’ Minnesota proud with her best UCi World Championship finish to date – a Bronze medal behind two former & current World Champs.

ELITE MEN: With three Redline Flight bikes in the gate (courtesy of WILLOUGHBY, van der BIEZEN & DAUDET), it could’ve been a full Redline podium sweep. But Sam’s big washout in the first turn, after hittin’ a deep bump that threw his hand off the grip, it wasn’t to be. Luckily, France’s Joris Daudet hung low for an inside swoop from lane 1, and escaped the wrath of Sam’s pileup to hold on for another Bronze.