Frejus, France: The 2010 UCi Supercross series (presented by Swatch) came to a climatic conclusion, as Redline’s reigning Supercross champion Sam Willoughby came in to this final event with a narrow points spread over the Olympic Gold medalist from Latvia – Maris "The Machine" Strombergs.  And it would be a race to finsh, if these two were to both find themselves in the main event. 

And as expected, they did.

Final Results: ELITE WOMEN

In the womens field, the big news of the weekend was a gnarly crash during Time Trials by points-leader (and winner of every single Supercross event this year), Latetia LeCorguile.  With the French rider out with a broken rib, there was one more spot open on the podium – and Redline’s ALISE POST was hoping to reserve one of ’em for herself. 

After consistently placing 2nds behind former World Champ Sarah Walker, Alise Post was in the main event and chose Lane 1. With a great snap, she was right up front with teh pack, and duked it out for the third place spot coming out of turn one. In the end, Post posts up a 4th place in the Elite Womens final; being the highest placing American in the main and overall series.

Dutch rider Joyce Seesing was also in the big show, was flyin’ fast, and snagged a 6th place for the day.

Final Results: ELITE MEN

Sam Willoughby was having a rough day and had to dodge two bullets in qualifying to even make it to the final. This had to have been tough, mentally. In the semi, he was dicing it out for the 4th and final transfer spot, when David Herman suddenly slid out in the final turn – taking down the rest of the pack with him – including Sam. Don’t ask us how, but Willoughby was able to hold on to his bike and scrambled the quickest to detangle himself from the wreckage to cruise across the line for the final spot in the main.

In the finale’ – Sam was in third down the first straight, but got balled up a bit in turn one with Aussie teammate Brian Kirkham, and battled back for 4th place. but it was enough to hold his lead – and winds up #2 overall in the UCi Supercross points chase.

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