We had our jr womens class today along with a decent sized elite womens race which means we’ll probably have semis tomorrow!! it’s been a while since that!

Anywho, I ended up with a second to Dominique Daniels today. I couldn’t really EXPECT to win since I hadn’t been on my bike…but of course i still don’t like losing. So hopefully tomorrow’s aba race pans out better for me. i did take a hard digger the first lap…like i said i am not ready for gymnastics to be done so i decided to do a front flip into the second turn haha. Not a good idea lol. My whole back is scratched up and stings but i guess it could’ve ended a lot worse. Each lap got better for me so I am getting more and more confident.

As for the otehr races:

Jr Men-Denzel Stein won and Sam Willoughby got second.

Elite Women-Steph Barragan won and Amanda Geving got second. ( Arielle Martin was not here due to breaking BOTH OF HER HEELS rock climbing at her local gym….buuuuummmmeer =[)

Elite men-Stromberg’s won and Mike day got second.