Photo courtesy of, left to right: Felicia Stancil, Barry Nobles (back), Brooke Crain, Connor Fields, Steven Cisar, Alise Post, Dani George, Nick Koehler, Tommy Zula (back), Corben Sharrah, Jordan Miranda, Jared Garcia and Tanner Sebesta. (Front) USA Cycling BMX Head Coach, James Herrera and USA Cycling Director of Sprint, Jamie Staff. The United States started 17 men and 4 women, which includes the Team USA funded squad (in the USA jerseys above).

Over the weekend, team Redline members Tory Nyhaug, Alise Post, Collin Hudson and Hunter Pelham headed out for the first round of the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup at the National Cycling Center in Manchester, England. covered all the supercross action throughout the weekend, with 164 men and 41 women on the pre-race entry list, it was tough competition from the start. Notably absent from the list of entries was Sam Willoughby, who’s racing Australia this coming week and is prepping for that. Alise Post, the top-ranked woman in the building was out for the weekend after a mishap down the ramp and into the first jump in Friday’s practice. When asked about her condition in an interview during the Saturday webcast, she said “I have an idea that it’s not good, but I guess I can’t say until I get it checked out back home.” All hopes for good news, and a quick return to the hill in the USA BMX series. For full details and a second by second race re-cap, click here.






Alise Post in practice prior to getting injured

GB rider and World Champ Liam Phillips took first in the Elite Men’s title for the second year running. Team Redline Pro Tory Nyhaug took 3rd. The Elite Women’s top spot was taken by five time BMX and Mountain Bike World Champion Caroline Buchanan, an Australian rider. Followed by Team USA member Brooke Crain who came in 2nd.


Tory Nyhaug in practice on Friday


Elite Men’s Finishline – Tory Nyhaug takes 3rd place


Elite Men’s Podium


Men’s and Women’s Podium


Full final results:

Women’s Elite Final
1. Buchanan, Caroline – AUS
2. Crain, Brooke – USA
3. Hernandez, Stefany – VEN
4. Green, Charlotte – GBR
5. Walker, Sarah – NZL
6. Corlobe, Pauline – FRA
7. Smulders, Laura – NED
8. McLeod, Melinda – AUS

Men’s Elite Final
1. Phillips, Liam – GBR
2. Dean, Anthony – AUS
3. Nyhaug, Tory – CAN
4. Treimanis, Edzus – LAT
5. Evans, Kyle – GBR
6. Fields, Connor – USA
7. Daudet, Joris- FRA
8. Willers, Marc – NZL





Team Redline rider, Collin Hudson in practice on Thursday and time trials on Friday, who finished the Elite Men’s tied for 33rd place.




Team Redline rider, Hunter Pelham in practice on Thursday and time trials on Friday.