First of all … WOW! What a weekend!

Longest race on earth without a doubt!  14 hour days at the track is not easy for the body to handle. 

The weekend started off on wednesday, when me and my buddy Jimmy Brown got in and Carne$ drove us to the hotel.  After a recovery ride around the Walmart of Tulsa, we were ready for practice the next day.  I was a little nervous to do the pro set because last time I did one… well… you know what happened (see UCi Worlds story). But I did it early on in practice easily and that was a big confidence boost and a relief to me.

Practice went great, I was feelin it from the first gate and I knew I was going to have a great weekend!  Friday morning I got out of moto’s in Elite Men with a 3-2-1 finish. Not bad.

Next up was the quarter semi, and I picked lane 1, hoelshotted and won it!  I was so stoked. I’ve never been in an Elite race before and I just straight up won the quarter – moving on to the "Big Show" for Friday Night.  That gave me a big confidence boost going into the Pro Spectacular, and I knew anything was possible.  

I was feeling great in the warmup, picked lane 1 again in the Semi and another holeshot and win!  I was so happy! My first Elite race and my first main after winning the quarter and the semi against some of the best riders in the world.  I was having so much fun!  Just really enjoying riding my bike.  

Ended up with a solid 4th in the main and I couldn’t be happier about that. Plus, this was a UCi Cat-4 race, which helped score Canada some important country points for Olympic rider qualification. I felt awesome all day.

The next 2 days was The Grands – where I would race my final A-pro races. After Friday night, I was already anxious to get in to Double-A.  I ended up winning all 3 mains on Sunday to take the win for me, Canada, Redline and my family. 

It was definitely one of the best race weekends I’ve ever had, and to just be coming off my spleen injury, I am really satisfied with how things are going. I cant wait to race in 2011.

Congrats to Slammin Sam on winning the AA ABA title!  He deserved it by far, killing every moto. 

All for now,