Tuggernong – The Tuggernong track was very muddy and quite slippery. In the 5th round of the Champbix at this track I got knocked out in the semis after a rather poor performance. I had ridden on the track the day before and it was quite a nice track, although there was not that much rain, the track became slippery and definitely tested the legs.

Melba – Melba was a nice track as well and would have been a lot faster if it wasn’t damp. The weather was a lot better then the previous day, but because of the rain it was still soggy, especially in one particular area where a few riders came down. I rode better at this track placing seventh after an accident – Aaron came down in a soft spot in the last berm and I ran into him. Overall I enjoyed riding the tracks and my bike was great to ride. I look forward to racing again.