Salt Lake City was this past weekend.  I always like this national; with a pretty decent track, and the weather is usually good.  We got there late Thursday night and it was so hot!  And I am not used to that. It hasn’t been warm up here in Canada at all this year. 

Friday morning we woke up and went for a recovery ride to spin my legs a bit, then had practice that afternoon. Practice went well, and I was feelin’ it.  

Saturday went well in all of my moto’s with seconds, but then in the final I didn’t get the best gate. I still ended up with a 2nd at the Continental Championships.  Then it was time for my recovery routine!  

Sunday I was feeling great again – winning my motos and made it to the main with ease. In the final, I came unclipped on the first jump and didn’t get back in until the second straight. I still managed to get on the box though, with a 3rd.

I was really disappointed to not get a win – however I am really happy with how good I felt and this race was an awesome tune-up for the Worlds …which is only just 4 weeks away.  

I’ll be in Aigle, Switzerland soon – training at the UCI World Cycling Centre before South Africa. I can’t wait!