The state track meet was Friday June 5, and Saturday June 7. That was the end of high school sports for me. It’s kind of weird to think about actually. To be so involved with gymnastics, and track, and just school functions in general…and then in a few weeks, it’s all DONE. But like I said before, I guess now it’s just time for me to FINALLY focus on bmx and see where it takes me =]

As for the track meet though…I didn’t compete friday because of my leg. The day before the meet, and the day of, I went to the Edina office an hour 1/2 from my house for treatment). I was definitely doing everything I could to heal, but my leg definitely wasn’t even 80%. But anyways, there was the 4x200m relay friday, but i gave up my spot in that relay to the alternate (and my friend) because I knew my quad couldn’t handle two days in a row (if even one..) That relay didn’t quite make it to finals anyway so it was a smart choice not to run in it. Saturday morning howver I had pole vault at 9am and my leg was KILLING me. I immediatly told my coach I wouldn’t be able to run the 4x400m relay later that day because I wasn’t even sure i was going to make it through pole vault. However, I pushed through and ended up 7th in the state for pole vault with a decent vault (highest of the season for me so far!). However, i was a little disappointed since I hadn’t really practiced much the past two years due to injuries, and I know I could’ve done really well had I been able to. So after that, I watched my 4×400 relay run their way to a 4th place finish in the state which was awesome. I was definitely proud of them but sad i wasn’t out there. 9except for the fact that it was realllly cold and rainy while pole vault was inside…so wasn’t too bummed about that haha).

Afterward i went to lunch/dinner with my team, and then track was over. I handed in my jersey and everything today, got my actual diploma, and that was that chapter of my life closed. I think it’s starting to hit me and it’s kind of sad….but I filled out my housing for University of San Diego and am also very excited to start this new chapter of my life.

Anyways, enough sappy stuff. I leave thursday for deleware, I still have a bum leg from running/vaulting with it, and I am just crossing my fingers I will be able to race WELL this weekend. It’s important for me to do well in all of the races this summer so I don’t wanna rush this injury and be screwed for the next 5 races in a row. I guess we’ll just have to see how it feels. I am having a craving to ride’s been so long because of this leg! i have been at the track to teach community ed classes and all kinds of stuff this year but haven’t been able to reALLY ride…it’s killing me. Hopefully tomorrow after treatment I will be feeling better, if not I will wait until the weekend to check it out.

I gotta get going though so I will update you later…make sure you check out the highlights from fresno on here..pretty sweet.

oh and Here’s some pictures from the track meet…check it out.