ABA Pro Spectacular; Tulsa Oklahoma:

The Friday night tradition saw quite a few Ams make the move to Pro – including Redline~Canada’s TORY NYHAUG. Tory had a good sized class with 47 single-A-pros in attendance.  The Redline Rookie pretty much breezed though his motos, quarters, and semi, but didn’t get a great gate and had a less than stellar first straight in the main.  Nyhaug quickly recovered and was second coming out of the first corner in hot pursuit of Josh Meyers.  

Tory was on the gas, cranking and pulling Josh through the second and third straights and it looked like he might take him but ran out of track space to make the pass. He finished a close second. 

Asked how it felt to be officially in the pro ranks, Tory said "It was a lot of fun racing all these fast guys. I’m pumped on making the change to pro and competing at this next level."



1 Josh Meyers

2 Tory Nyhaug (Redline)

3 Alex Anthony

4 Mike Moeller

5 Matt Rubeck

6 Alan Hudson

7 Tim Kneip

8 Anthony Hoffman