UCI sent along the final Championship Class start lists for the 2010 UCI BMX World Championships.

Elite Men starters for USA are:

Denzel Stein – 42nd

Josh Meyers – 43rd

Joey Bradford – 62nd

David Herman – 68th

All pretty good positions, with Herman’s, of course, being the best of the lot. Sam Willoughby, as SX points leader, gets to start last (obviously, the best slot, since you know the time you need to beat). Sam shows us his “gunfighter serious” side above. The other 79 are going to get to see it all-too-soon, on top of the ramp.

Other notables in Elite Men:

Gavin Lubbe – 36th

Sifiso Nhlapo – 34th

Robert DeWilde – 52nd

Khalen Young – 54th

Marc Willers – 57th

Cristian Becerine – 72nd

Maris Strombergs – 79th

The top 64 of the 80 will advance. 32 from the first run of the time trial and 32 from the second run.

Elite Women has 29 riders, with Laëtitia Le Corguillé starting last. Alise Post gets the best starting position among the Americans, at 26th.

For Team USA:

Amanda Carr – 8th

Ashley Verhagen – 14th

Amanda Geving – 21st

Arielle Martin – 24th

Alise Post – 26

Best 24 will advance to the quarterfinals.

Junior Men has 53 riders listed, but after the injury of Tory Nyhaug in Thursday’s practice, looks like it will be 52. Connor Fields will start last, and Corben Sharrah will start just before Connor. Tory would have started just before Corben. Top 48 will advance.

Only 20 in Junior Women, but some big horsepower. Merle van Benthem of the Dutch Team will start last, with Brooke Crain of the USA just before her.

Taylor Wolcott will start 16th, and Dominique Daniels will start 14th. Top 16 riders will advance.