Since there were only 14 women total signed up for the Single Speed Championships, I wasn’t too worried about my start position (which was the purpose of the TT – to help seed racers for the actual event).  Instead, I just wanted to use it as a chance to open up my legs and scout the competition.   My husband and I have a betting system going where if I beat speficic guys we train with, I get a dollar, so I was also motivated to see how much money I could make.  I was the second one to start and felt fanstastic. I caught my 30 second woman within 6 turns and then set my sights on trying to get the fastest TT time out of the Seattle crowd – men and women.   I beat some, but not all of the men and managed to put over 20 seconds into the second place woman time trial result.   I was ready to finally win a National Championship.