We just got home late last night from the 2009 ABA Grands. Terrible travel day – ughh! 

So anyhow I wanted to update you on my Grands adventure. There were a lot of highs and lows. It was like a big BMX roller coaster.

To start things off, I wrecked hard in the ROC on 20”.  Was knocked unconscious and hurt my shoulder pretty good. It did not look good Friday night or Saturday morning. My dad and I were trying to not think about the possibility that I might not even be able to race the Grands. 

Luckily – I was able to. I qualified on 20” and was feeling about 70%.  I didn’t qualify first round on cruiser and decided to not race second round due to shoulder pain.  We spent the rest of the day icing my shoulder and eating ibuprofen.

On Sunday, I felt a little better and warmed up in the morning by transfering out of Cruiser tird round. With my adrenaline flowing, I managed to win on cruiser and finished off 2009 with another NAG No.1 plate. If we added corectly, I believe that put me at National No.6 – 5 spots behind my buddy and teammate "Gorgeous George." 

Next, I was looking forward to 3-peating as NAG No.1 on my 20” Flight bike. But bad luck prevailed. I hit the gate, like many riders did all weekend. With a very bad gate, I got pinched down the first straightaway and hit another riders back tire and unclipped. My race was over. 

For 2009, I finished NAG No.5 on my 20”.  Would have liked to had that race as a do-over, but my plan is to just come back even better next year. 

So to sum it up – the roller coaster of a weekend:  I did OK on cruiser (high), but I would have liked to have different results on 20” (low). On the other hand, Friday or Saturday, I did not think I’d even be able to ride or be competitive (low), but I was (high). We had some ups and downs, but it was all good in the end.