Way back at the turn of the millinium, FLICK-TRIX hit the BMX scene with a batch of finger bikes. And now, nearly 10 years later, they are back for more. Only this time, the toy company has added some Retro rides to the collection. And among all of the new and older bike brands, of course, is REDLINE

Thus, we dug out our old FlickTrix ramps and Redline factory rider, and gave the new models a "spin." The Mini-Me Jackal gives them a big thumbs-up.

After nearly a year in development, FlickTrix have recently shipped out the first models of Redline fingerbikes – which include the modern day Redline 7.1 and 5.1 as well as classic Vintage Redline bikes such as the ’76 Squareback and the RL 20-II freestyler from 1985.

Available at most toy stores – including Toys-R-Us, as well as Target and Wal-Mart, you can pick up your Redline-branded fingerbikes right now from $8 to $15.  They make a great birthday gift and are predicted to be the hot-ticket gift this year come Christmas time!

The classic Redline Squareback from 1976 — the bike all of your dad’s wanted to own, can now be yours. (Great gift idea for Dad – eh?)