I am writting you from France, I went back home just after the race on Sunday. I spent a good time in Oldsmar, it was a great BMX race. I don’t really like to wait so much time between motos but american races are very good because the level is big and all the runs are very fast !

The track was good and I had good feeling on my Flight bike. My gates were bad specially on Saturday but I was fast on the track. I made it to the semi, but I did the biggest mistake I have ever done. I was 4th in the last turn, so I was qualify for the main… But on the first double of the last straight I missed the manual and lost all my speed. The frenchy Andre came back and passed e on the line !

On sunday, I felt better and was in the semi once again. Daudet and Long had a better gate than me in the inside so I was locked. I was 6th, then 5th and came back on Long. I couldn’t pass him on the pro section and finished 5th once again.

I was disappointed because I didn’t make the main but it was a good experience in the USA. I feel confident for the European season and world cup series. I will be back in the USA in September for the 2 SX races.