I know it’s been a week now, and you’ve probably read all of the results and seen all the pictures from Chula Vista on BMXMania or Vintage or somewhere, but I would like to let you know how I FELT about the race personally.

The Mexican Border SX race was probably the best racing atmosphere I have been in thus far. It was the first night supercross race, the American fans represented well (10 of which were there just for me and made the jumbotron!…7 from my new college, my parents, and my friend Kelly from Minnesota even made the trek out to SD with my parents to watch=] ). It was a little foggy because of the moisture air at night and the ramp got a little slick, but they blew dry it with leaf blowers and made it alright. I still think this is the best SX track as far as RACING goes, because you go wide open and the track is "easy" enough to race on even if you don’t have a perfect lap. Many of the other supercross tracks are awesome in practice, an then come race time it’s just a ball up around the track with everyone braking and flying EVERYWHERE. Here there were big jumps and flowy sections like other tracks, but plenty of room to make moves and not have to worry "am I going to make it around the track alive if I’m not in front?" SO I definitely can’t wait to be back here next year! Oh and another cool thing for me was having my long time rival Mariana Pajon race with me at her first supercross, she did end up making the podium which I respect but of course wish was me =] next time…

Friday was my first experience of the SX event, since I missed Thursday’s practice (thank god I’m a local!) and that was practice/time trial day. I definitely felt a little rusty and didn’t have the best time trials seeing as I qualified 15th. In my first time trial I hit the gate (it was falling slower than usual, I don’t know why but it was all weekend) and came unclipped. Though I got clipped in quick and thought twice about keeping giong down the hill to jump the first jump, I decided I’d rather live to tell the tale and braked. Funny part/worst part about this was that I "tipped over" anyways on the first jump. I guess I didn’t brake early enough and had to much speed to be rolling the first jump and all of my appendages BLEW OFF my bike when I landed hard in the gap of the jump. Thank god for gymnastics though, I rolled right out of it, jammed to my time trial song that I got to hear more of because I fell, and did the rest of the track fine. Of course I didn’t qualify in the top 8 so I had a second time trial, but I basically just didn’t jump much on the track, played it safe, and just did the bare minimum of what I needed to do to qualify. It was good to see that EVERY AMERICAN GIRL qualified out of time trials though, that’s progress!! I was obviously very upset that I didn’t show what I’m capable of to the home crowd on that night, but I just decided I had to forget about that night and focus on the new day of racing on Saturday which went a lot better.

Before I move on to chat about the races, I would just like to let everyone know to keep Damien Godet of France in your prayers, I am not sure how his injury turned out, but he was basically pushed down by the wind of a helicopter overhead while jumping the first jump, and crashed EXTREMELY HARD. The other french riders said he had bleeding in the brain and I am not sure of his current status.

As for the races. There was a lot of stiff competition with only two racks of very talented females qualifying to race here in Chula. My first two rounds didn’t go amazing, but not terrible either as I came in 4th both laps. GOing into my third qualifying round I was tied with two other gals for the last qualifying positions and knew I had to do well to make it through to the final. Miraculously, the Alise Post first straight decided to come back from vacation and I won my third round and had basically a perfect lap. I even had two of the girls that made the podium in that race, so that was a confidence boost as far as training goes. I think if I would have had that same first straight in the main, I would have had a shot at making the podium for sure. However, that obvoiusly did not happen, and I got messed up in the first turn when an Australian rider crashed right in front of me, and thus had a TERRIBLE lap. I didn’t fall over her at least, but with the speed I had left from almost crashing…I mise well have fallen.

So on paper I was only the 7th fastest rider at the Chula Vista World Cup, but I definitely feel like there was a lot more potential that didn’t show in that final. But the race is done and over, no use sweating over it, I just gave myself some motivation for the next race up on the list; Frejus, France.

The rest of my weekend was filled with visiting with my foreign friends and family, and just having a relaxing time before it was back to the reality of college. I had three tests this week, and I hope they went well =] I think I have realized I don’t want to be a doctor however, because Biology definitely isn’t my favorite class…I’ve got a while to decide though I suppose.

Chat at you later!