Monday; November 22, 2010.   Dateline: Chula Vista, CA.

Alise was out this afternoon riding the Amateur track at Chula Vista with Sam Willoughby and Wade Bootes, at a recreational pace, when things went wrong over the double coming out of turn one. She hung her toe on the backside of the jump, and the resulting landing broke her right Fibula. In a tragic irony, it was the last lap of the session and they were headed off the track. One of those "little" freak accidents.

Alise says that doctors characterize the injury as also possibly involving torn ankle ligaments (an MRI tomorrow will tell for sure) and surgery is likely next week. Recovery time on injuries of this nature is typically 3-6 months depending on the severity, according to sources.

Going into this week’s ABA Grand National, Alise held a 40-point lead on the ABA National Number One Pro Women’s title over long-time rival Dominique Daniels.Without Alise in there, the title will basically be handed to Dom.

Redline wishes Alise a speedy recovery  – and encourages everyone to keep her in your prayers. Depending on the pain, Alise still plans on being in Tulsa to cheer on her teammates and spend time with her fans.