The trip over was just over 30 hours from the Training Center doors to the Hotel here in South Africa. It seems unbearable to be on the same plane for over 16 hours….but it actually wasn’t too bad. Atleast for me because I slept almost the WHOLE way haha. I slept the whole flight from San Diego to Washington DC, and then again from Washington over to Senegal and to Johannessburg South Africa. We did have one more little flight into Durban and a crowded hour drive to Pietermaritzburg from Durban. (which by the way I had to sit passenger seat up front with the driver while everyone else was in the back hidden from me by bags. But I made small talk with the driver…couldn’t understand a word he said but we talked haha.

NOTE: I sat passenger because Mike King the team manager was not along for the ride anymore as he got left in Washington DC. Haha the Flight crew wouldn’t let him fly because he didn’t have enough pages in his passport for the visa they stamp in there when you arrive in south he joined us 24hours later on the next flight. Haha sounds pretty funny that a bunch of teenagers went to south Africa on their own though huh?? Lol. But we got picked up right away by Ken Whelpdale so it was no big deal.


Anyways. When you think of Africa, you think of dirty, scary, dangerous, wild animals…that sort of thing. And while there’s some of that here, it’s actually not too bad. Our hotel is really nice, it’s like a cottage actually, and we have a chef (which we eat dinner at her house and she cooks lunch at our cottage) and we have maids that clean everything up, and its just really nice. It feels real “teamy”. Me and Brooke are in one room, Arielle and Taylor in another, and the staff take up the rest of the main cabin while the boys are down in their own little cabin. Everyone is hanging out in ours the majority of the time though because it’s bigger and its where we eat and everything.

We also checked out the track the first day we got here, it looks like it will be pretty good as long as you get the flow down. (and it’s not ridiculously windy and cold like it’s been). The first jump looks tiny to us all after Chula’s new jump…it’s the 2nd and third straights that look tough.


The jet lag is only now starting to hit some of the boys….the rest of us seem to be doing ok. Hopefully it stays that way as we head into the race!!


Update you on tomorrow when we got on our African Safari for real!!