Here’s what’s happening with the team this week:

Brandon Dosch is "heading home from competing in the JoMoPro and having some back problems. Hopefully nothing serious. I am planning on chillin’ in Michigan and riding some trails untill the Redbull contest." Congrats to Brandon who placed 8th in the JoMoPro finals. 

Hucker and Fuzz "are filming at Powder Mountain Ski Resort in Utah with Nitro Circus this week on some home made Ski Bikes and Snowmobiles this week, which should be a blast. Hopefully no one gets hurt!" I don’t think you can just casually hang out with the Nitro Circus guys. Someone’s bound to get tossed!

Fuzz also mentioned he "just booked the team their flights for Red Bull’s Stomping Ground dirt contest next month (May 15th) and I am leaving the 19th of this month to start constructing the course.  Lots of digging ahead!" This event is going to be bananas! Don’t miss this one if you’re in the Chicago area.

Hucker also was in Ireland for the Masters Of Dirt, then flew back to do shows at the Long Beach Grand Prix. He mentioned that "TJ Ellis just got back on his bike after not riding for 4 months due to a dead nerve in his leg so I will be riding with him a bunch until Stomping Ground."