Hello All,

Well this weekend was a first and a last for me. I had never been to the famous Louisville Kentucky NBL grands race before. Now with the two biggest BMX sanctions in the world combining to create one sanction "USABMX". This would be the last NBL Grands in Louisville. With over 400 moto’s it was a huge race with a great atmosphere.

The races kicked of for the Pro’s on Friday night which was nice to skip some of the Kentucky heat and humidity. I felt really good on the track and I enjoyed riding the fast downhill track they have in Kentucky. With 41 riders in the elite class it added an extra race to our schedule with Quarter finals. I managed to transfer out of all my heats, quarters and semi finals with 5 wins which gave me the inside lane and a great shot at another win to help my charge towards another ABA title. I got a good start in the final and lead the lap from start to finish. Which gave me my 6th win of the year in the ABA series. Here is a video to day 1 final

Friday night finished late and Saturday morning started early. So after about 4 hours sleep we were back on course to go again in the Kentucky Heat. I was feeling good go again and transferred through my heats, quarters and Semi Finals with 5 wins again. I was actually feeling better Friday i thought.

The Main event came around and I had the preferred inside lane again after being the top qualifier unfortunately I collapsed out the start and got my worse start of the weekend. I came out of turn 1 in 3rd and I had some ground to make up if i wanted to get my 7th win and take the points lead in the ABA series.

I came out of turn 2 with a charge at the two front runners. I aimed myself for the inside line into the last turn and charged as hard as I could through the big Pro Section Jumps I managed to draw level with leaders and make the pass in the last turn to take my 2nd win for the weekend and my 7th win for the season in the ABA series. Which now gives me the points lead and puts me in a great position, for the Grand Nationals at the end of the year again. Here is the video to Day 2 Main Event

Once again thank you all for your continued support and I now look forward to the last the World Cup in Chula Vista, San Diego on October 1st.

Where we will together try and grab another win.

Thanks again


Sam Willoughby


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