Its been a busy past two months for our team, with team riders from Minnesota chasing their state plates and a Bikeshop title within the state, as well as some of our riders traveling to Tennessee, and North Carolina as well as our out-of-state riders making the trek to St. Cloud, MN.


Joel & DJ both made it out to Tennessee for the national. DJ came across a bit of misfortune coming unclipped in his main on Saturday taking home an 8th, but faught back and came in 5th Sunday, and Joel took a fifth Saturday and finished his weekend out with and 8th.


Joel was our only rider that was able to make it out to North Carolina for the Tarheel natioanls and he represented well for his class. Saturday he took home a second in open, and a fourth in class, and Sunday took a second in open and a sixth in class.


Minnesota was the first time our team has been together as a full unit since Rockford in June and we had some pretty solid team sheets. We took home a third and a fourth from the national and moved ourselves up to 17th in the Bikeshop standings.

We would like to Congratulate our team rider Selina "Sully Monster" Jeffers on making her 7th open main at a national and receiving her open jacket Sunday!

Our rider results go as follows:


Selina: Open: 2nd    Class: 3rd

Joel: Open: 4th    Class:3rd

Tanner: Open: 5th  

Jenna: Class: 2nd  Cruiser:2nd

Samantha: Cruiser: 2nd 

Bridget: Class: 5th  Cruiser: 5th

Devin: Cruiser: 1st  Class: 3rd

Dominik J.:Class: 4th

Cruz: Cruiser: 3rd

Alex: Class: 3rd

Jeff: Class: 1st



Selina: Open: 1st  Clas: 1st

Jenna: Class: 2nd  Cruiser: 2nd

Samantha: Cruiser: 1st

Dominik J.: Class: 6th

Jeff S.: Class: 3rd

Alex S.: Class: 3rd

Joel: Open: 2nd Class: 8th

Tanner: Open: 5th Class: 6th

Bridget: Cruiser: 2nd Class: 4th

Devin: Cruiser: 2nd  Class: 3rd

DJ: Class: 4th

Cruz: Cruiser: 4th


At our home state national we were graced with the presence of two sets of traveling Redline teams, we got to see some of the Redline Factory Team as they raced this weekend, and we also got a chance to meet five riders from the Redline Challenge team. We got to hang out with both teams for a little bit after mains on Sunday as we wished Redline Challenge’s Shelby Wren a happy tenth birthday on the following Wednesday.

We would like to congratulate Shelby on take home wins on both bikes Saturday and Sunday in Minnesota.! and tell the Redline Challenge team that we look forward to seeing them in Tulsa for The Grand Nationals in November.


Thank you to our sponsors; Redline Bicycles, Bob Evans, Simek’s, Adventure Cycle & Ski, and Maintenance Free Exteriors; for their gracious support this season, you guys rock!