Redlines Justin Lindine got things going for us this weekend at the Shimano NEBCX races in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Justin was 4th on Saturday in a very tight battle and 3rd on Sunday in an even tighter race. 
More coverage of Justin here:
Here in Washington, our State championships was held in a field/wooded area in Arlington next to the airport. Logan Owen cruised to victory and had fun trying out the Redline Conquest Carbon Team disc brake bike.  Kari Studley won the Single speed race and then cam back to place second in the elite women’s race. Kari had a great ride coming back from a bad start, crash in the brambles and then fighting to get within 12 seconds of the winner. 
Courtney McFadden was down in the rain and mud that was CXLA and was 7th on Saturday night, and 8th on Sunday.

Kari Studley here receiving her state champ jersey and medal: