Me and the rest of the Canadian national team started our 2 week trip by first flying to Aigle, Switzerland and training at their UCI Centre. The weather was super hot and the SX track there was in great shape.  It was great to be back on the hill and shredding with some other national teams.  We got some really good training in and I was feeling really fast and ready to go for the Worlds!

We got into South Africa after a long overnight flight from Frankfurt.  I slept 8 of the 10 hours though so I was pretty excited when i checked my watch!  After we arrived at the hotel in Pietermaritzburg we built our bikes and went and rode over to the track to check it out.  It looked good and we were all excited.  

The next few days were just some light training and we went on a Safari, which was pretty interesting.  Saw some animals we don’t get to see at home.  

Thursday was practice day and I felt so pumped and ready to go.  I went for the pro section, came up short on the second pro jump and flipped the bars really hard.  I felt sore but I thought I could just ride it off so I kept practicing. After a few more times thru the pro section I started to feel a lot of pain and I was worried.  I then climbed the hill and did a gate and a first straight.  At that point I was in agony. I could hardly hold onto my bars and I knew something was wrong, so I had to stop.

I went into the first aid tent and they sent me off to the hospital via ambulance.  Sure enough,  after a bunch of X-rays, CT scans and ultra sounds they informed me that I had a grade 2 laceration of my spleen.  I was so bummed, but that’s BMX in the big leagues of UCi!  I stayed a couple nights in hospital then was released and could watch racing and see all my friends.  

All in all I had a good weekend despite everything and I am just going to come back stronger than ever once I am all healed up!  Congrats to all my team mates that did well at the Worlds!