The USABMX Super Nationals returned to Metroplex BMX in Desoto, TX this weekend, and like many years before, the weather-man delivered a challenge.  After a nice practice day on Friday, and a cool, but dry race day on Saturday, the sky opened-up on Sunday and brought a steady downpour that lasted throughout the day.  Thankfully, the top notch USABMX and Metroplex crew were ready.  With the assistance of a beautiful, covered arena and propane flame-thrower, the track was dry and the races went off without a hitch.


With eight of nine team members in attendance, Factory Redline came equipped and ready.  Here’s how the team finished:


Elite Men


Sam Willoughby

Started right where he left off in Oldsmar two weeks ago…winning every lap, start to finish.  He rode with precision and made no mistakes.  He got the Answer “Holeshot” Award and never looked back!
Sam-Tory Desoto Day 1

Tory Nyhaug

Got through the ¼’s and semi’s and into the main working the turns with precision!  As you can see in the video, Tory started in lane 7 and went into turn one fighting for 3rd/4th, and came out of the turn in 2nd, where he would finish.  Tangent Elite Rider, Riley Stair, who has raced Tory for years, gave me a good quote…”Tory grew up playing hockey in Canada, and now he races BMX like a hockey player.  He’s a finisher!”
Desoto Men's Podium

Josh Klatman

Old Klatty came into the race looking very strong. He finished 2nd in the first moto, then holeshotted the second moto from the outside.  A little mishap coming out of turn-one injured his back and ended his weekend.  Check the video:

Elite women with semi-finals

Alise Post

Alise looked strong all day, winning every lap and ended the day on top of the podium.
Alise Podium - Desoto

17-18 expert had ¼ mains

Collin Hudson & Hunter Pelham

Not a great day for the dynamic duo: neither one making the final.  Collin went down in the ¼, and Hunter finished 5th in the semi…first man out.
Collin-Hunter Desoto

Carly Dyar

Drew unlucky lane 8 in the final, and fought hard for a fourth place finish
Carly - Desoto

Jason Carnes

Carnes found his way into the Vet Pro final both days finishing top three in every moto and the semi’s.  He finished with a 7th on Saturday, and fared better on Sunday, finishing 5th.



Sam Willoughby and Tory Nyhaug

Sam and Tory started Sunday well, transferring through the motos, and drew the same quarter-final.   Sam led into the first turn, with Tory back in 5th or 6th.  The group got tight on the top of the turn, and just as Sam was exiting the turn, Tory made an amazing carve that shot him straight over into Sam.  Tory’s pedal went into Sam’s front wheel, taking out most of his spokes and ending his day.  Then in the semi, Tory slid out in the last turn, fighting for the 4th and final transfer spot.  New rule on the team:  If you’re gonna ruin your teammates day…you better get in the final!
Sam Wheel Desoto

Alise Post

Alise rode strong again on Sunday, winning all of the motos, as well as the semi.  Then in the last turn of the final, disaster struck.  With a big lead, Alise lost traction in the slippery last turn and slid out, handing the win to GT’s Junior Women’s World Champion, Felicia Stancil.  Video here:

Collin Hudson & Hunter Pelham

Both transferred into the 17-18 expert main event.  After a wild final that included Collin hitting the gate and several crashes, they both fought their way through with Collin finishing 2nd, and Hunter 3rd.


Carly Dyar

Got through the semis and into the final, and drew a more favorable lane six.  Fighting through the pack over the first jump and having a wheel’s lead, the group got together in the first turn and the top four (including Carly) hit the deck.  She jumped to her feet and raced hard for a 5th place finish.


All-in-all:  not the best weekend we could’ve hoped for, but lots of good racing and a few highlights and finishes to hold onto for the title chase.  Photos attached.