Well, round 2 of the ABA season is behind us (thankfully).  I am sad to report that I took a colosal beating this weekend.  I feel faster with every passing week but am definitely dealing with some growing pains.  We had two full racks in the vet class this weekend and most of the heavy hitters were in the house.  I rode decent on Saturday and was on the bubble with 8 points after the second moto.  Round 3 came and I got sandwiched on the first straight which spat me right out the back!  14 points will not get you in the main these days so I was watching from the sidelines.

Sunday…moto 1 didn’t bring any better luck as I took a nasty little digger.  It was 8:00am, 30 degrees out and there I was, skidding across the dirt….gotta love Sunday mornings!!  The crash took the wind out of my sails and I didn’t have much to give so again, I watched the final from the stands.  The rest of the team fared much better but I will let them chime in with the run-down.  Luckily, the next race in Oldsmar, FL is four weeks away so I can put in some hard work and turn this ship around.  This will be a fun, challenging year and I’m up for it!

The pic is from Thailand back when the sun was shining bright!