No win today. =[

All day i was getting kind of sketchy around the track but i was hoping come main time i would be well warmed up and hitting the jumps cleaner. I did feel better after the pro warm up before mains but then I bonked the first jump out of lane 8 in the main and it’s hard to beat someone out of lane one to the first turn when you do that on the outside. But either way, I still felt like I had a fast first straight and could maybe pick it up on the second straight, but then Ashley was just on the inside of me and put me up in the first turn and we both lost some speed and ground on Dom. I then decided to CHARGE the second straight to try to catch up and I overshot the first double hard core and the whole race from there on out was just a gamble to stay on two wheels. Overall I ended up in the second spot though, so I guess it wasn’t too shabby of a day.

I was consistently getting stronger to the first jump which is a good sign and hopefully everything else just comes with time and I will get better and better as I keep focusing on racing.

Now I am headed back home for just a few days and then it’s off to Desoto for the National Championships….big weekend so gotta get rested up this week =]